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Breaching the strong,thick, high walls of prison, breaking countless bars and barriers, this letter has reached you. Now spread it and make sure that it reaches every human across India, beyond the seven seas and abroad and in several languages. This letter will bring the new way to spend life with utmost happiness.
My dear readers, listeners, friends, affectionate souls, all my supporters of every age group, religion, cast and creed and my beloved Indian and foreign citizens. I share my heart’s feelings to all of you… whether you know me or not, you have met me or just recognize me by face. And again, these thick, tall and strong walls of prison and countless barriers could not stop me from sending my thoughts to you. With happiness, I am pleased to start this letter.
It doesn’t make any difference to me that if an unknown person will read it then what will he think about me? I even don’t know to how many people (who have never seen me or met me face to face in the last 40 years) this letter will reach . It will also reach to people who are not so familiar to me. And of course, it will also reached to people who are close to me and still with me. It may happen that the readers would feel differently while reading this letter. Many people who can not read will listen to this letter (link : got to know that my letters are being read among groups of five-twenty five, hundred-two hundred, five hundred and thousands of people. So, some people would be reading this letter and some listening to it. Even in future, I don’t know how often will this letter be read and heard. Neither it is under my control nor under your control.It is obscure that when and how the seeds of thoughts can bring about a revolution and change the life of someone; it is not only difficult but also impossible to know so.
So now, I am done with praising my letter so much ! But the bonds of love and affection loosens the grips of formalities and mindsets. I give importance to heart and believe that the intellect or the brain should be preferred next to the heart.
As I often ask myself that who am I? I want you to question yourself too that “who am I? What am I?”.
Believe me, that only you yourself can open the door to self – realisation. After all, how long will we live with the identifications, guided and imposed by others. By opening the inner path of self identification we have to get acquainted with oneself. We have to identify ourselves. Without realising self, the journey of life of many ends just like that.
We should know and recognise ourself. Let’s knock the inner door of self to meet and find the self. We should know our own reality. Many a times humans consider themselves so great just by attaining the fake prestige and is misleading from the reality.
Humans mistaken in recognising his true self and gets engrossed in the play organised by him in the theatre of life. Ask yourself that why am I doing such kind of mistake? While playing the role of a character we get so involved with that character that we cannot separate from it. Due to this situation we normally fail to recognise ourselves.
See friends,
We are externally divided into different religions, caste, creeds, categories, groups, areas, cultures and languages. Not only that, we are also filled with the ego of money, wealth, prestige and different kinds of informations in our head. It is very obvious that in this way we are losing the true sight of ourselves. We are at risk of identifying ourselves from anywhere whether outside or inside. And without looking for the self, being unaware of the existence we are just dragging the life everyday. What do you think? Is it true or not?
Now let me tell you another fact that how often do we know our actual situation? Sometimes we do not know anything and just falsely claim to know everything and sometimes claim to know nothing in spite of knowing everything. This is nothing but getting yourself trapped in the tricks of ego and misery. Think for a while , what is life? Is it confined to only good food, good clothes, living in a good house and leading a life that is slave of facilities? Is this the life, is this the true meaning of life? No, no, not at all.
My dear readers, living life is an art. Life is a festival. Festival of Life, Celebrate always… Always celebrate it, learn to celebrate it. Learn the art of living life and celebrating it as a festival. By seeing the way others live and by adopting life like them, Life can be dragged, life can be duplicated but life cannot be decorated, can not be celebrated. To decorate life, the emulsification of values, virtues and good deeds have to be done. Those who have done this have indeed won despite being a loser in worldly standards and gathering luxuries. And those who could not do it have lost, failed even after acquiring all the materials. A person drowns in the luster of materialistic pleasures and ego and in turn cannot stand out victor in the struggles of life. Unless there is no realisation, only unnecessary things happen. And as soon as the person comprehends the worthlessness of life then there remains no more repentance. When inner artistry and emotionalism is alive then inner mind remains alive. If not, then only plastic mind and dry dull life remains. After being hollow from inside others can get confused through external colors. But it is impossible to hide self from others.
You might have read and heard that many externally rich and happy people commit suicide, Why ? Because they didn’t understand their life nor themselves. And hence they even get ready to end themselves.
Compare and see the goodness of truth and happiness. The realisation of truth and happiness itself reflects that how complete we are. When we start to realise the innate perfection within us then we should also understand that now we should give support to others; whereas if your life is immersed in fictitious happiness then it is a caution that the time of self destruction has arrived . In order to know the self, it is necessary that we should have the courage to laugh at ourselves openly. If this happens, the lie of lies and the castle of lies will collapse like a castle of sand.
And one last important thing that the eyes on which we trust can never see themselves; how can those who cannot see themselves see the reality?
This is the same with the mind’s eyes also.The first thing is that we can not open the eyes of the mind. And suppose we open it, then we are so confused with our beliefs, insistence and indecision that we can not see the reality.
I want you to to see the reality of life. Understand life, Celebrate life as a festival. Try to make balance between science of mind and life. Differences created by self can only end by self . Wake up, stand up and start walking. Put all the obstacles aside, let’s come celebrate life! Let us break the walls of differences of religion, sect, cast, creed ,character and color.


We sing, we celebrate.
I sing,
You also sing.
I dance
You also dance.
I get engrossed with you.
Say, are you ready?
Leaving all the narrowness, awaken yourself.
If yes, then resolve to wake yourself up.
Let’s try to attain the bliss.
Open your mind’s eye to see the thing which you have never seen in yourself. You will find your life science as a searcher and torch bearer giving you guidance.You will also hear my voice in your conscience. Tunes can be generated within you. You will shine with smile.
Flowers blossomed… got smelled and got dissolved in few days. But its fragrance and disintegration was the form of reality.There was no uniqueness in its bloom, fragrance and scattering. Everything went smoothly. This naturalness is expected to connect with self.
Accept the reality with ease. Do not consider life as burden , rather enjoy it. Your life will be made easy , simple, true and blissful. Even though we all belong to different religions or various castes. Even if there is a language barrier between us. Even though we are from different countries of the world.Yet some things in all of us are the same.
If we succeed in trying to find and understand ourselves, then the mutual distances between us will also reduce.The world’s fight will end. Misunderstanding will lessen. We will be successful in creating a beautiful, better and happy world !
Always celebrate life as a festival. Decorate and
make your life better by identifying yourself.
No excuses, know your real home- from where the truth, love and compassion extends.The important principle of the Vedantic life style of the Ojaswi Adhyatm is “the soul searching”, realisation or own news of oneself. To know more about this, read “Ojaswi Adhyatma Book” Search the net and download it.
At the end of this letter, I write panchpran (5 element) poem.
when I came to know that you are water then I drenched from head to toe.
When I came to know that you are the aroma of air, then I gathered it in one breath, within myself.
When I came to know that you are soil then I got in your depth being the root.
when I came to know that you are Sky then I spread out by becoming zero.
Now I am being told that you are fire too then I have saved myself for you.
My dear readers,friends, seekers, brothers and sisters and suppoters,
Only rare people can learn to celebrate life as a festival.
Often people leave this world without knowing themselves.
Some people are just plainly living here in the world.
But some sensible people understand the importance of life
Let’s start to learn about ourself in hope of meeting with oneself. If you liked my letter and want to reply me then send in your letter on this address.
Narayan sai,
Lajpor jail, sachin, surat, Gujrat

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